Antim: The Final Truth Full Movie Download News Review

‘last: the Final Truth’ Film Download News Review-salman Khan and Ayush Sharma’s 6 Pack Abs Goes Beyond the StoryLast: the Final Truth’ Movie Review – Salman Khan and Ayush Sharma’s 6 Pack Abs Goes Beyond the Story

The film was theatrically released worldwide on 26 November 2021.
Antim: The Final Truth
Screenplay by Mahesh Manjrekar Abhijeet Deshpande Siddharth Salvi
Based on Mulshi Pattern by Pravin Tarde
Produced by Salman Khan
Starring Salman Khan Aayush Sharma Mahima Makwana


Director-Mahesh Manjrekar

Artists-Salman Khan, Ayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sachin Khedekar


'last: the Final Truth' Film Download News Review-salman Khan and Ayush Sharma's 6 Pack Abs Goes Beyond the Story
‘last: the Final Truth’ Film Download News Review-salman Khan and Ayush Sharma’s 6 Pack Abs Goes Beyond the Story





“You know Kya apun Hai Poona’s new brother, “Rahul tells police inspector Rajveer Singh with a string, so Rajveer says,” you are Poona’s new brother.. So I am already the brother of the whole of Hindustan”. On hearing this dialogue by Salman Khan, who plays Rajveer Singh, a few whistles sounded in the Hall. Obviously, this dialogue must have been included with Salman fans in mind and the director was able to catch their attention.


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‘Final: the final truth ‘is the official remake of the hit Marathi film’ Mulshi pattern’. This is the story of a young Rahul (Ayush Sharma) from the village who becomes one of Pune’s most feared land mafias. But in this way of gaining power, he makes many enemies. One of these is police inspector Rajveer Singh (Salman Khan). Who and how stops rahulia’s path from Rahul to the mafia, is the story of the film.



Rahul lives with his family in Mulshi, Maharashtra, where his poor farmer father Satya (Sachin Khedekar) has to sell his farm land to Mafis under compulsion. The director shows Rahul’s rebelliousness right from the first scene. After being scuffled by the landlord there, the whole family has to come to Pune from the village. In Pune, where his father earns some money by wages, Rahul embarks on a crime quagmire to compete with the mafias and eliminate them. Soon he turns from the unemployed Rahul of the city into the most dangerous gangster rahulia in Pune. Rahuliya feels that she is going from being a gangster to being the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. But to break this dream of him comes the story of police inspirer Rajveer Singh, who believes to eliminate crime from crime itself. They reduce the filth of the city by confronting all the mafias, but who will stop rahulia’s path – her deeds or laws?



Mahesh Manjrekar had teamed up with Sanjay Dutt in 1999 to make a tremendous film- ‘actually’, which told the story of a young boy becoming a gangster. The ‘last’ reminds him somewhere. But the good thing is that the treatment of the film here is completely different. You can’t get emotional connected with this movie, but the characters in the movie are bound from beginning to end. The flow of the story breaks nowhere. Along with action, drama, masala, he has captured the mainstay of the story. The story is from Maharashtra, so many Marathi artists have been involved, which works on a positive side. Also, Mahesh Manjrekar should be praised for presenting Ayush Sharma and Salman Khan in a different style. The shortcomings of the biggest lack is that the film existing at the time the backward look is. We have seen the story of the youth who came into the crime world by mistake and the original story is no different here either. Maybe that’s why the film doesn’t get emotionally involved.



In 2018, Aayush Sharma, who made his debut in the movie’ loveyatri’, has been introduced by Mahesh Manjrekar in a completely different look. The anger in the eyes and the hard work that 6 pack abs liye AYUSH has done for his character are clearly visible on the screen. He has tried his best to live up to Rahul’s pain, emotionality and boldness. Although right now they have to work on their expressions more and more. At the same time, actress Mahima Makwana has stepped into Bollywood from this film. He has done a good job, but the chemistry of AYUSH and Mahima seems somewhat monotonous. However, the highlight of the film is that Ayush is nowhere to be seen in front of Salman Khan’s personality. Salman Khan, who became police inspirer Rajveer Singh, is once again in his Dabangg avatar. Salman has given his fans a lot of opportunity to play whistles while tearing shirts, beating goodies and doing dialogs.

तकनीकी पक्ष

Technical side

The rural and urban environment of Maharashtra has been shown by cinematographer Karan Rawat. At the same time, editor Bunty Nagi wins hearts in some scenes, such as Rahul running through the streets of Pune in the film’s climax and his flashbacks are a great sight to behold. But some scenes and dialogues seem quite explored. Especially the second half of the film seems to be very drawn, due to which climax does not leave much impact.



The music of the film is composed by Ravi Basrur and Hitesh Modak. There are a total of four songs in the film and all four are average. The Ganpati varsjan song is Varun Dhawan’s cameo in Vighnaharta, which arouses a bit of interest. The rest of the songs leave no impression.

क्या अच्छा क्या बुरा

What good what bad

The film’s story, characters, performance, action scenes and background scores are its positive sides. At the same time, the biggest drawback is the emotional connection. Rahulia, the main character of the film, needs sympathy from the audience, but because of the average climax, she cannot find him.

देंखे या ना देंखे

See or not see

Gangster drama movies made in the 90s if you still like Today, ‘last: the final truth’ will make you quite fond of it. The film on issues like farmers being harassed by land mafias has drawbacks, but it can be seen once in the theatre. 3 stars to the film on behalf of filmbeat.

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