Ashnoor Kaur proves ‘actors can’t be intelligent’ by scoring 94% in 12th

Ashnoor Kaur proves ‘actors can’t be intelligent’ by scoring 94% in 12th

New Delhi. Actress Ashnoor Kaur (Ashnoor Kaur) is extremely herself with 94% marks in class 12. “I feel very happy,” Ashnoor told News18 in an exclusive interview. This year, I didn’t take any long-term acting projects like daily soaps, because I had to focus on my board exams. I wanted to do better than I did in class 10. It wasn’t that I didn’t work during this time. I had many small projects in line. Everything was online, so it was tough for us, but somehow I managed and I’m proud of my achievement.’

Ashnoor Kaur proves ‘actors can’t be intelligent’ by scoring 94% in 12th

He said, ‘This is something we are all experiencing for the first time and was very uncertain. We didn’t know how the final result would be declared. We had to give our best in everything we were doing. I would like to appreciate this initiative of CBSE to combine the performance of previous years in wrapping up the results of class XII.

It was a very thoughtful gesture. I wanted to enjoy schooling life in the final year, but it didn’t happen. I was disappointed, but online classes made it convenient for me, because I could study even while travelling.’

Ashnoor Kaur also recalled the time when she checked her board results online. She said, ‘I was hoping that my result would be good. I worked very hard. I gave my 100 percent in all my life and practicals, because I didn’t want to disappoint myself. I set expectations. I wanted to make my parents proud. I was quite nervous before the result. I didn’t check my 11th grade and I didn’t know how it would all count in the final result. My parents were with me when I checked it online. We all screamed in excitement. It was a good family moment. I recently found a Shih Tzu puppy and he started licking me too.’

Anashur added, ‘We want to go on holiday, but our options are limited because we have to look for pet friendly resorts. I’ll apply for colleges now. I want to do BMM (Bachelor in Mass Media), because I want to gain knowledge in my field as well. I am also interested in direction and Would like to learn filmmaking. I want to enjoy my college life. These years of one’s life are unforgettable. I’ll continue acting too. I want to study in Mumbai. I am excited about this new phase of my life.”

With his tremendous score on the 12th board, Ashnoor has challenged the general perception that actors are not good at studies. ‘I wanted to set an example,’ she says. Many people came to me and said that you have proved us wrong that actors cannot be intelligent. They’re smart. It’s about your passion, your talent and choices. It’s not related to mental ability and intelligence.’


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