Bacchon Ke Game | बच्चों का गेम

Bacchon Ke Game | बच्चों का गेम Top 10 Best Games for Children Below 5 Years: nowadays kids love to play games or watch videos on smartphones as well as studying. Be it a 2-year-old child or a 5-year-old, mobile has become equally important for them and parents also try to amuse them. However, underage children should not give mobile much longer. Among all this it is extremely important for you to know what children up to 5 years old finally see on mobile and what games they play?

bacchon ke cartoon
बच्चों का गेम
cartoon game
गेम खेलो
छोटे बच्चों का गेम
वीडियो गेम
गेम डाउनलोड
video game game game
car games gadi wala game racing
subway surfers
motu patlu
temple run 2
chhota bheem
hill climb racing

Today we will tell you about the top 10 mobile games in this article, which you can easily download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and with the help of these mobile games you can amuse children as well as teach them through games. These games are best for your kids up to 5 years and you can download them in your mobile, because you don’t always notice what game your kids are playing. You delete the game from the mobile exactly, which is harmful to your child’s mental health. Check out the list of best games for kids and their details.


Top 10 best games for children under 5 years 6
Music will play, children will learn a lot



Piano Kids
Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, this game teaches kids a lot of new things in game play with the help of Music Box. This game provides information about what they learn and know in the Play Store through music and games.

Truck games for kids
This game is very perfect for children under 5 years old. With the help of this game available on Google Play Store and App Store, children are given some important information to enhance creativity.


Top 10 best games for children under 5 years 2Increased creativity in children



Unicorn Chef: Cooking Games for Girls
This game is good enough for girls under 5 years old, in which they get a variety of cooking tips. This game is quite fun to play. Since girls love toys like kitchen sets, unicorn safe lets you give your girls information about cooking.

Dress Up Games
This fashion game is extremely special for girls up to 5 years old. In this game available on Apple App Store and Google Play store, your baby doll can dress up as well as do her makeover in many ways.


Top 10 best games for children under 5 years 4Kids will learn colors, learn petting



Coloring And Learn
The coloring and learn game available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store is quite popular among kids. Kids love painting and coloring, so in this game your kids will be able to color a variety of sketches and learn a lot from it. Also you can get excited about petting.

My Town : Grandparents Play home Fun Life Game
The game is available on Google Play Store as well as the App Store. Since children under the age of 5 are closest to their grand parents, they can have fun with grandparents and learn many things from them.


Top 10 best games for children under 5 yearsABCD to be learned in the game



ABC Kids: Tracing And Phonics
Your children under the age of 5 can learn ABCD and other words through this game. With the help of ABC Kids Game kids can learn a lot in game-play.

Little Panda Shopping Mall
Children under the age of five love pets and also watch a variety of pet related videos on TV. Since kids love to hang out, they can enjoy shopping with little panda in this game.


Top 10 best games for children under 5 years 5Kids with pandas will go to market, will have fun



Baby Phone for toddlers: Numbers, Animals and Music
Kids love numbers, animals and music players. Available on the Google Play Store on the App Store, this game is great in terms of entertainment as well as education. In this game kids get accurate information of numbers and animals with music.


Top 10 best games for children under 5 years 3Kids will learn cooking tips



Childrens Doctor
Children love a variety of toys and this also shows their interest. In kids doctor game available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store your kids will see animals teeth fix their own kind as dentist in game-play.


Playing video games for a while daily can have a good effect on children’s development. The results of a research by Oxford University point to this.
Scientists found that children who play video games for less than an hour each day tend to adapt more easily to an environment than children who don’t play games at all.

But those children who spend more than three hours playing video games, according to research, are unhappy with their lives.
Psychologist Andrew Przybylski conducted these research on five thousand children from Britain. The children included in the research were between 10 and 15 years old. Three quarters of these children said they play video games everyday.

Social behavior: children were asked how many hours they play video games on school days. The answer to this question was precisely to them.
Other aspects were then considered such as how happy the children participating in the research are with their lives, their image among peers, their attitude towards helping those in trouble, and how carefree or conscious they are.

Based on their answers, the psychological and social level of the children was ascertained. After dividing the children into several groups, they were compared among themselves.
The research found that children who played video games daily for less than an hour were happier with their lives than children who did not play video games at all, and their social behavior was more positive.

New perspective: these children also suffer less emotional problems and they also suffer less devilishly. According to research results, children who spent more than three hours playing video games were found to be the least sociable.
There may be other reasons behind this, says doctor Andrew Przybylski.

He told the BBC, ‘in the research environment two different ideas appear to stand at different ends. One is those who believe that there are big advantages from video games and on the other hand some people associate it with violence. This research could give them a new perspective.’


This PUBG-producing country has banned children from playing online games, now it can only do so many hours of gaming in a week
The craze for online gaming is quite high among children. In this case, China is beginning to fear it, given that the company has set some new rules.

Online gaming continues to grow day by day and the addiction that is most commonly seen are children. Every young person plays some online game. But even the most popular game is PUBG. Yes. At the moment, PUBG is at the top in terms of online gaming that every child now plays in their phones. Many governments in the world are also worried about PUBG addiction.

China has now made a big decision about online gaming. The Chinese government has banned online gaming for children here. That is, kids can now play games for only three hours a week. This is the biggest decision by Chinese regulators to date.
Under the new rule there will now be just so many hours of gaming

Children in China can now play games on Fridays, weekends, or public holidays from 8 pm to 9 pm. It starts from September 1. This is reported in the National Press and Publication Administration notice. After this new rule, children now have only three hours of option left. A similar ban was imposed in 2019 where children had to play gaming for only an hour and a half, while it was three hours on public leave.

The new regulation will have a direct impact on China’s largest technology company, Tencent, whose honor of Kings online multiplayer game is famous all over the world. Also on the gaming company NetEase will also have a direct impact. Gaming is also being banned because technology companies are not leaving a good impact on society thanks to messaging, payments and gaming services.

The regulators said on Monday that they would further strengthen their rules to prevent gaming, while also inspecting online game companies to ensure that all are following the rules.

Child addicted to mobile games? These methods will bring about change
Today, kids are more fond of playing indoor games than playing Outdoor games. In this case, keeping eyes on the screen of the smartphone for a long time is affecting their health.

Today, children are also spending more time on mobile than studying. This is because they are more inclined to play indoor games than to play Outdoor games. They love playing games on mobile, watching cartoon movies, etc. In such a way, they are prone to addiction to playing games on the smartphone. If your child also sticks to the mobile all the time, this needs to be addressed. Overuse of mobile for children can pose a risk to their health. Keeping eyes on the smartphone screen for a long time is not only affecting their eyes, but it can also be dangerous for their Mental Health.

A report published in Mom Junction quoted scientists as saying that mobile radio waves penetrate deep into the brain, not just around the ear. This affects children’s learning ability and can affect their behavior. It further states that if your child is under 16, do not give him a cell phone. This is because a child’s brain is very sensitive to withstand the effects of mobile radiation. If you are also troubled by this addiction to stay on the screens of children’s smartphones, you can take some precautions and relieve your children from this addiction.

Also decide for yourself time
Children learn only from the older people in their home. So if you spend too much time on your mobile screen, first reduce your usage. So spend time on its screen only when it is very important. That is, minimize mobile use.

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