Bhumika Chawla came forward to help, saying, ‘Not only money but also for some heart’.


कोरोना महामारी के बीच भूमिका चावला मदद के लिए आईं आगे. (साभार: bhumika_chawla_t/Instagram)

In the midst of the Corona epidemic, Chawla came forward to help. (Heart: Role_Chawla_T / Instagram)

Many people have lost their jobs due to the Corona epidemic. In this case, the actress role Chawla has reached out to people involved in small business.

Mumbai: ‘Tere Naam’ fame actress Bhumika Chawla is now working in the film industry. Although the role has been acted in many Bollywood films, actor Salman Khan is most remembered for this film. The film was directed by Satish Kaushik. The role of the actress in ‘Tere Naam’ has now reached out to help those affected by the Corona epidemic. It has been informed by posting it on social media. Bhumika Chawla shared a lovely photo on Instagram and wrote a post. The role looks very beautiful in a yellow dress. With the photo, the actress wrote in the caption, “Everything is not always for money. At a time when we are all together, what can we do for each other? Anyone can do the best for anyone. Someone will help a small business or a broader in their own way, not everything is for money, so without money they will promote some small broadband for free. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. Also, finally, it is written for the heart. And proper care when needed. May you all be safe and may God bless you.


(Courtesy: bhumika_chawla_t/Instagram)

Fans are fiercely appreciative of bhumika chawla’s comments and likes on this post. Fans are expressing love for their commendable move. Also a few hours ago Bhumika Chawla posted a beautiful photo of herself and wrote in the caption ‘Listen’.

bhumi photo

(Courtesy: bhumika_chawla_t/Instagram)

In the second wave of the corona epidemic, while many people are suffering from illness, some are also facing a livelihood crisis. There are many celebs helping at their respective levels. Bhumika Chawla’s helping for small business people is indeed a commendable initiative.

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