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Bigg Boss OTT: Zeeshan Khan, Milind Gaba call Karan Johar biased, say he ‘never spoke to any of the boys’

  • Milind Gaba and Zeeshan Khan spoke about what happened on Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss OTT. They believe Karan Johar was biased against them.

Milind Gaba and Zeeshan Khan believe Karan Johar is biased as the host of Bigg Boss OTT. On Sunday’s episode, Karan had called Zeeshan a misogynist for his comments during a recent episode.

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On Sunday Ka War, Karan brought up a comment that Zeeshan made: “Ladki ho toh daayre mein raho (You are a girl, stay in your limits)”. Karan said, “This is the most misogynistic remark I have heard recently and I have heard a lot of remarks coming out of a man’s mouth. Let me tell you, this remark of yours reeks of misogyny and chauvinism.”

On Monday’s episode of the show, Zeeshan and Milind were discussing what Karan had said. As per a report on Zoom, they believed Karan didn’t speak with the boys. “I was termed a misogynist because of that once sentence and the 1000 sentences that were thrown at me by Akshara went unnoticed,” said Zeeshan. Milind added, “You spoke about her daayra (limits) and he (Karan Johar) asked about every female contestant’s perception, but he never spoke to any of the boys, why?” Saying that Karan allowed Shamita Shetty to speak but no one else, he said, “I found him biased.”

However, Karan had called himself a fair host and even denied favouring Shamita on the show, despite being friends with her family.


Karan also locked horns with Divya on Sunday, telling her that she should not mention his name inside the house if she cannot give him respect. He added that she should not try to play Bigg Boss with him as he is not inside the house. Divya said that that’s not what she was doing, but he yelled at her again for taking the wrong ‘tone’ with him.

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