Bigg Boss OTT milind Gaba akshara Singh evicted from the house


Bigg Boss OTT milind Gaba akshara Singh evicted from the house The latest ‘Sunday Ka War’ (Sunday Ka Vaar) episode of Bigg Boss OTT was full of fun. The general public also asked direct questions to the family members. In the meantime, it seemed that Akshara Singh was the target of the public. The public had asked Akshara Singh three consecutive questions. Akshara Singh-Neha Bhasin had a lot of clashes last week. Akshara Singh had also commented during this time. Host Karan Johar slammed Akshara for shaming Neha’s body and also asked her to apologise to Neha immediately.

Bigg Boss OTT milind Gaba akshara Singh evicted from the house

Neha (Neha Akshara fight) initially said that she had dropped the case but as the episode progressed, there was further disagreement between the two. Neha said pointing to Akshara that these things should not have been gender-specific when their connections were exchanged. However, Akshara said that what she meant was not sexist. Karan also slammed Akshara for not obeying her.

The ‘Sunday’s War’ episode ended at a sad juncture. Karan Johar had already said that there will be two eliminations from home this week. This week Milind Gaba and Akshara Singh (Akshara Singh Milind Gaba Elimination) became homeless from home. While Divya Agarwal nominated for elimination has become safe this week as well. Zeeshan Khan has not been able to make a connection after his departure. The show started with 13 contestants. Urfi Javed was the first to be eliminated. This was followed by Riddhima Pandit, Karan Nath and Zeeshan Khan.

Richa Chadha and Ronit Roy also came to promote their web series ‘Candy’ (Web SeriesCandy) in this episode. Ronit and Richa asked the contestants which sin was best for which contestant and then gave the contestants sinful candy. Greed candy, jealous candy, and deceitful candy divya, lazy candy gaba, anger candy symbol and akshara, arrogance candy and dominating candy shamita shetty and neha were given manipulated candy.

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