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Clubhouse plans to start working on its Android app ‘soon’ if you haven’t heard of Clubhouse, it’s taking the latest social media craze world-actually, mostly just by Silicon Valley-storm. It is a very good experiment in live conversations that brings the best of podcasts and social networks like Twitter into a rich experience. Downside? So far it has become available only on iPhone. Thankfully, the clubhouse is on the way for the release of Android.

Clubhouse mentioned the Android app in his latest blog post in January 2021. The post is basically the company’s big announcement that they are focusing on opening the app to “the whole world” in 2021. For now, it’s going to be just iOS users, but people on the Googley side should soon see that change:

Welcoming more amazing people 🎉 from the early days, we want to build Clubhouse for everyone. With this in mind, we are thrilled to start work on our Android app soon and add more access and localization features so that people around the world can experience the clubhouse in a way that seems to be their native.

Obviously, this is not a release date. In fact, this is also not a starting development date. We all know that up to this point, Clubhouse has been an iOS exclusive, and now the company is saying it is going to start work on its Android app. That may mean a release as soon as a few months from now, or as late as the year. We don’t know simple at this point. We will make sure to tell you when we know more.

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It is not uncommon for social networks like Clubhouse to lag behind in their Android releases. In fact, there is a long history from Instagram to Snapchat. The causes vary. Seemingly, companies have decided iOS demographics to get social media apps from the ground up to make more sense, but there are also more concrete reasons. Snapchat was exclusive to iOS for a year as those devices have a more controlled set of camera hardware, making the user feel more predictable in the early days.

In this case, I am sure there is a parallel. As someone who has used Clubhouse, one of his big challenges is even being confined to iOS-there is a wide disparity in the quality of microphones. It seems to most people at the clubhouse, having an understanding of technology, quickly adopt iOS demographicthey are, AirPods or similar use. It creates a continuity in the audio quality of the conversation. This possibility will be more challenging on Android.

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