Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Read latest written update: ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein (GHKKPM) 23 September 2022 written update
Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein 22 September 2022 written update: GHKKPM written update

Aaj Ka ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein 22 September 2022 episode begins with Patralekha in which Virat is told that it is not wise to travel when his wound is so fragile and there is no medical facility to take him there.

However, Virat is adamant and asks Patralekha to make arrangements as he is not ready to stay here for a minute longer than necessary.

The next morning, Patralekha asks Vinayak to pack his belongings as they are leaving for Nagpur.

Vinayak’s face falls on the news and he asks Virat to stay longer as he has not fully recovered.

Virat tells Vinayak that he is fine and should do as he is told.

Later, Sai also tells Patralekha that Virat is not fit for the journey, but she understands that if he is the last doctor on earth he would not want to treat her.

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Refuses To Answer Pakhi’s Questions

In his sleep, Virat murmurs why Sai did this to him. Mohit wonders why Virat did not inform the family of Sai being alive, if he still loves Sai. Savi told Sai his time for Vinayak’s exercise. Sai tells Pakhi that whatever must have happened, she will get Vinayak some exercise and then leave here. Pakhi asks what the emperor and Kamal’s killer jagatap is doing to him and his daughter. Sai asks if he asked her how she married Virat. Pakhi says he is ready to answer anything. Sai says that she does not want to answer anything and will not even question Pakhi, Pakhi can live a happy life with Virat.

Chavan calls Pakhi and asks him about Virat’s condition. Pakhi said that Virat was shot, Savi’s mother and Vinayak’s doctor aunt treated Virat and saved him in time. The family insists on going there right now. Pachy says no need to come. The family thanked the doctor for saving Virat’s life and insisted on talking to him. Pakhi says that the doctor is not here, he will let them talk to him after he returns. Mohit asks Pakhi why he didn’t tell the family that Sai is the Doctor Who Saved Virat, he will call them and inform them. Pakhi stops her and says that she wants to talk to Virat first and then inform the family about Sai. Mohit agrees and hopes that all these events will not bring a new storm into his life.

Sai exercises Vinayak’s legs. Vinayak is moaning with pain. Pakhi goes up to her and asks if she is okay. Sai told him not to worry because his son will recover after treatment, his knees have been strained after yesterday’s incident. Pakhi tells her not to worry because her mother will treat Vinayak well. Pakhi says that she knows that Savi’s mother is a good doctor and Vinayak will recover from her treatment. He says that Vinayak wants to be a doctor like his mother. Savi says she wants to be a police officer like Vinayak’s father and dreams of saving lives like him. Pakhi asks about Savi’s father. Savi sadly says she doesn’t know, but Bappa wrote on a tree and promised to send her father soon. Sai tells Vinayak that as soon as she is leaving, she will leave a herbal medicine for him. Vinayak asks how she can do when her father is still unwell. Sai says she told someone about the treatment protocol and left.

Virat gets Jagtap’s dream of killing Kamal and Samrat and he wakes up. He goes outside and boils with anger seeing Sai with Jagtap. He asks Sai what she is doing with her father and brother’s killer. Sai says she needs him not to answer. He angrily shoots at Jagtap and wakes up, realizing that it was his nightmare in a nightmare. Pakhi saw him bleeding and asked Mohit to call Sai as soon as possible.

At Chavan House, Hari tries to leave the house at 8 pm. Bhavani asks where she is going. Harini asks who she questions. Shivani says that Bhavani is worried for her because it is already 8 o’clock, so she can take Pakhi’s car and the driver. The stag tongue reproaches them that it is their trick to control her life, they are not happy to take her out of the hostel that they want to act like a puppet for them, etc. Bhavani warned him to stop saying so. Harini says that she is going to her friend’s birthday party and leaves, warning her that she should stop interfering in her life again. Sonali reminds Bhavani of Pakhi’s birthday party. Shivani’s tongue lures her that Virat is fighting for his life and wants to celebrate Sonali Pakhi’s birthday. Bhavani says that Virat has already won a fight and Pakhi is always standing by him, so he deserves a birthday celebration.

Pakhi tries to console Virat by saying that the doctor will be coming anytime. Sai comes in and remembers Pakhi that he had earlier refused to allow Virat’s treatment. She writes a recipe and asks Pakhi to bring them from the dispensary. Pakhi leaves. Sai tries to examine Virat’s wound. Virat held her hand tightly and insisted on explaining what she was doing with Jagtap. Sai asks why he married Pakhi and how Vinayak came into his life. Virat says it’s a long story, but he wants to know why Jagtap is in his life now. Sai releases her hand in anger.


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Pakhi

Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein 19 September 2022 written episode, written update

Pakhi asks Vinayak to tell him what actually happened to Baba/Virat. Vinayak says that the goons shot Baba but they need not worry because Doctor Chachi fired the bullet in time. Chavan calls Pakhi and asks how Virat and Vinayak are. Pakhi says that Virat is shot, but Vinayak’s doctor aunt fired the bullet in time and saved Virat. She prays to keep Vinayak’s doctor aunt happy who saved Virat. Chavan also prays and thanks for the doctor Madam. Virat opens his eyes. Mohit said he had received a call here. The PSI are frowned upon. Jagtap catches him and takes him. Seeing this, Virat flared up. Jagtap sits Sai and gives him water. He asks her if Virat has married Pakhi, does Virat know about Savi. Savi asks what she doesn’t know. Sai says nothing. Sai says that Sai is weak after helping others and not taking care of herself, so she will bring food for them. Sai asks Jagtap to take his medicine money and leave.

Savi introduces herself to Pakhi and explains how her mother stumbled after serving others continuously since yesterday and not eating. Pakhi asks her to take him to her mother. Sai walks with Vinayak. Pakhi is shocked to see Sai alive. Sai goes to Virat’s room. Mohit is also surprised to see him alive. Sai tells Virat that he should rest because he is very weak. Virat recalls the MLA’s words that Sai has relationships with many goons and wonders if Sai is now living with Jagtap. Sai feels that Virat has finally married Pakhi. Sai go away. Pakhi is more surprised to see Savi playing with Jagtap. Mohit also notices Jagtap and asks Pakhi if Virat had reported Sai alive. Pakhi says no.

Pakhi serves breakfast to Vinayak. Vinayak says that his legs are very sore. Sai says that because she put too much pressure on him since yesterday, she will teach him some exercises that will ease his pain. Pakhi wonders why Virat didn’t tell her about Sai. His inner voice emerges and suggests to him not to let Sai take Virat back again. Pakhi says that Sai is Virat’s first wife and he has the first authority over Virat. The inner voice asks if she will sacrifice Virat again to Sai? Sai recalls seeing mangalsutra in Pakhi’s throat and tears. Usha asks her to let her pain flow into tears, she is shocked to see Virat and Pakhi back in their lives like this and is worried for her. Sai says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Usha asks if Vinayak is actually Virat and Pakhi’s son. Sai says she doesn’t know and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Pakhi goes to Sai and she is treated by Dr. Kishore. Sai Joshi calls and thanks for saving her husband’s life. Sai calls her Mrs. Virat Chavan and says that as a doctor it is her duty to save the life of a patient. She tells how Virat saved Savi’s life and says that she is grateful to Virat instead. Pakhi says she feels it .. Sai says that she knows that she is not happy to see him alive. Pakhi says that he is really happy to see her alive after so many years, they discovered her everywhere and Virat lost her and shattered. She asks if Vinayak is alive too. Sai says she doesn’t know. Pakhi apologizes for scratching his old wounds and says that Virat and Vinayak are fond of Savi and asks if Savi is his daughter. Sai says yes.

Pakhi thanked him for treating Vinayak. Sai says that he had already stated his duty. Pakhi asks why she didn’t return home if she was alive for so many years. Sai recounts the incident of leaving the house and says that she did not leave the house to return and did not want to talk about her past. Pakhi says that she still looks angry at him and has not forgiven him yet, she is unable to forgive herself and was holding herself responsible for all the problems. She apologizes for forgiving him and says that she wanted to burn herself alive in the fire of repentance, but the family supported her and married her to Virat. She says that her life was like plain paper without a loved one, but she got the whole family back. She pleads with SAI to forgive her. Sai says that her life has been ruined because of Pakhi, so how will she forgive Pakhi.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Saves Virat’s Life

Goons shoot at Savi. Virat jumps up and protects Savi. MLA Gulab Rao escaped with goons from there. Pakhi goes towards kankauli with Mohit and tells the family that Virat’s life is in danger as he heard him fighting goons and the sound of a bullet. Chavan becomes anxious for Virat and Vinayak. Ninad says he will inform kankauli police about the incident. Sai goes to Virat and Savi and finds Savi normal but Virat is unconscious and bleeding. Savi and Vinayak request him to take Virat to the hospital. Sai thinks there is no hospital nearby, so he needs to treat Virat himself. She asks the children to help her lift Virat and lie down in the car. Ashwini prayed to God to protect Virat and Vinayak. Ninad says that if needed, they also need to go to kankauli.

Sai puts Virat in the car and sits in the driver’s seat. Savi asks who taught him driving. Sai remembers Virat teaching him driving and said that there is no time to discuss it, they should save Virat first. Vinayak suggested SAI to go to the police academy where he is currently residing. Sai leads to the police academy and on the phone asks Usha to reach the police academy with his medical equipment as Virat was gunned down. She arrives at the police academy and calls the authorities for help. The official said that there is a dispensary here, but the doctors are on vacation. Sai asks him not to worry about this and to transfer Virat to the dispensary. She assures Savi and Vinayak that Virat will recover soon.

Pakhi calls Vinayak. Savi speaks and says Vinayak is fine. Vinayak told Virat that Virat was shot. Savi says she doesn’t need to worry because her mother is a doctor and she will treat Virat. Sai removes the bullet from Virat’s body without anticipating the presence of an X-ray machine. Vinayak insists on staying with Virat tonight. Sai assures him that she will take care of Virat and sends him home with Usha and Savi. How many things are missed.. The song plays in the background. Sai takes care of Virat and cries. Usha thinks that the way Sai is caring for Virat, she hopes that the two of them will reunite. She prays to God for the same.

The next morning, Sai sees that the medicines are over and tells Usha that she will go out and bring the medicines and inform him if Virat’s condition worsens slightly. She leaves with an officer. Pakhi prays to the Lord to protect her husband and son and asks Mohit when they will arrive. Mohit says sometime. Sai arrives at the medical store and learns that she can get an injection in the city itself. She recalls Jagtap saying that she should call him if she needs something from the city. She calls Jagtap and asks him to bring the texted injection to the police quarters. Pakhi reaches the police academy and goes to Virat’s room. Sai returns and is shocked to see Pakhi and Mohit. She sees Pakhi’s mangalsutra and realizes that Pakhi is now Virat’s wife. Pakhi begs Virat to get up and talk to him. Vinayak calls his mamma and goes to her and Pakhi hugs her and loves her. Sai is heartbroken to see all this.


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