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Directed by: Parasuram

Starring by: Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika


Genres: Romance

Language: telugu / hindi

Rating : 3 / 5

Duration: 2 hrs 30 mqinutes

Release Date: 15 Aug. 2018

Movie Quality: 720p/100000000000000000000
Story Line:

An enchanting young teacher, Vijay Govind, is a customary woman with a fantasy about marriage. He sees the Gita in a sanctuary and feels emotional feelings for her. He meets him again when he goes to the place where he grew up in a transport. She dazzled her with her instincts from the beginning but things go south when she inadvertently kisses her while attempting to take a selfie with her.


Online review of Geeta Govindan’s entire movie review

Hey this party is Melanie for Z Channel I am here to review Telugu romantic comedy Geeta-Govinda so I think taxi wala should have released earlier but apart from Mahana Chai where Vijay Devrakonda had a supporting role this is actually the first big film vijay has done since then.

Arjun’s black buster success is ready and if you don’t remember seeing Arjun ready twice a week I was so fascinated with Bandha so I will be linked to the corner in Dubili-Du I am eagerly waiting to see what he will do next and this film is so interesting because in a lot of ways

It’s the complete opposite of everything that Arjun Reddy yes it’s a romance, but it’s too much on the comedy side I don’t think I ever actually made an official reaction to the trailer

I watched the trailer without subtitles in theatre I think I started before the good Akari and maybe a few times but anyway so I knew it’s a light comedy young actress that plays heroine Rashmi Khemmana

I recently saw her in the film Selo or last year I saw her in Selo directed by the tagline parshuram of this film I am 25 and I am still a virgin if the film starts and Vijay just as having these dreams and just fantasies of this perfect marriage

This is the right relationship with a wife and first her face is vague there is also a ready tool that we see the first thing we see vijay anaya

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All desperate and nithiya menen the side of the road is like a cameo role as something she is giving which she is giving like a complete flashback and telling her why she is all desperate by the side of the road telling the whole story


But the crowd mika is here what setup is he sees him from adistance he thinks he is one but he doesn’t even notice him and then they’re on a bus trip together

Something happens where his friend Rahul Ramakrishna who was his best friend is like nerdy best friend in arjuna ready and here he is debauched best friend who is urging his virgin friend now says title Govinda, but everyone was calling him Vijay everyone was called Ramakrishna

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I am a Christian so that was next to me anyway and so his friend is that we should know that you should try to talk to him you should try to make sure well while he is sleeping he shouldnot do something he shouldn’t do and he catches him and he is angry and really upset he didn’t mean to do anything but he did something and he knows you so I don’t want to spoil it because

It’s just so funny how it all happens, but the bottom line is that he thinks he’s a playa he thinks he’s the worst he thinks he’s just teasing someone that girls and you know one of those in every movie that’s those awesome guys that’s coming on their motorcycle

They have harassed girls at bus stops or whatever that he thinks he is and he’s really such a nice guy he’s really just such a sweetheart he’s so timid he just wants to love a wife why his father isn’t looking for him

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I don’t know they never explained that you know if this guy is keen to get married why someone is a mangani I don’t know if he’s looking for true love events that they threw together again I won’t say once, but they’re throwing together again for reasons


It takes a lot of time with each other again that Arjun is in complete contrast to the full faith of the ready character because here he is just like the constant man Madam Madam please.

I promise I’d be good yes he just stuttered this pause the whole movie he promise him madam madam please I promise madam I will take all these bag guy who you are hungry I and it was just so funny just watching it alone vijay play this part that was so different from this part that was so different.

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Overconfident Arjun ready crooks know you and here the crowd mika he is the hard one because he gives him as a hen and he gives him anything and anything that he does he just has his eye on him and he’s not going to give an inch and he still wants him to keep that plate by not going away with sounds like that but just at this point


It’s impossible there were some family dramas obviously it was just a very funny movie I didn’t know all the supporting characters were going to be and when we get in the second half and the crowd on the Rinella cushaw stage was going to drive my whole crowd crazy and nobody was screaming and hooting screaming loudly from me because I loved But now like a little and it was very strange scene when she goes after grandma

Geeta Govindan downloads entire film in Telugu Dubd
It’s more a light romantic comedy and I wish that of course fresh Mika eventually falls in love with her and there’s more drama and yada yada yada and grand gestures that should be made and so further it can be a pleasant romantic comedy there it might be better I was thinking about prema completely and how that was so comedy But it’s also got a little better than some anger and emotion and maybe this movie could.


If it was a small depth of emotion on the other he asked that although I am not blaming Vijay I think he did very well he caesar he was showing how Dalit II was I was Rashmi cos Geeta character and at a certain point.
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It has become like a note that he is just an inch which is what happened I am not saying that I will blame him for him and how difficult he felt he was to be, but I just want to be there a little more this actress wrote for his character out a little bit and who just has anay aaya other than Geeta will not give vijay’s wish Object I haven’t seen Pele triple uh so I haven’t seen any of EJ’s earlier films.

I haven’t been able to see you probably find Pele Tupelo anywhere with English subtitles for me I know everyone has recommended it I don’t know if anything like this character is playing that victory and if Arjun Reddy was just one that wasn’t samayy.

I don’t mean in any way the judge I played his support in Mohammad II if anything was close to this film, but not a monarchy obviously he was not as comic, but good boy good boy to pick you up right anywhere to carry your shopping bag to carry your shopping bag whatever should be done that this guy is


It’s just a pleasure I’m not going to say it’s a 5 star movie, but it was a very pleasant night in films so strange lying with a problem that I had subtitles they were fine but with comedy words is very important and I could have I had a packed theater.

I meant the pack or believe they said all the way to the front row and that’s how popular BJ Deborah Conda I’ve seen on Twitter that shows out everywhere for tomorrow and it was the very first show that I could see it here you knew on Tuesday evening in Chicago and I was so happy that there was such a huge crowd I had as double take I’m running in the theatre.

They’re coming to see like you’ve Deverick THE TELUGU movie I yes it’s BJ on and they just look on their faces I look like I looked at Arjun weddy twice like I 5 him like he’s of course I’m here is awesome, but it was so great to see an absolute packed theatre and everyone was really laughing


I was getting most of the jokes, but some of the subtitles were just it was like a literal translation of what they were saying that the top wasn’t it was not the best subtitling I wish I was a little better it was harder for me with humor because

I can tell especially with a huge crowd like this such people were really laughing and there were some things that couldn’t remember to go that whatever words that were of particular anything that must have been hilarious Rahul Ramakrishna said because he was just across a riot and I don’t think the way they said subtitles really I explained the full meaning of how hilarious.

It was completely contrasting to a couple of fascinating songs prema and wow there just now it’s really only a real dance number in this film that music is nothing to me.


I’m walking home and listening like I listen to the total Prima soundtrack for months and months and months and that’s such an amazing soundtrack it wasn’t just at the level of some other films.

That I saw, but I really enjoyed this movie it was super fun and I see that the same period is coming they have already signed for another film obviously I think it’s called cool raid so I don’t know when coming out But if anyone has heard any news about it.

Or we did no update on a release date for a taxi while someone considered it like this summer release and then now it seems to have been delayed I don’t know what the issue was with that, but I’m looking forward to seeing Vijay in another movie really soon he’s just a very fun actor and it’s just a treat to him Play such as sweet innocent character?


I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, but it was so fun there were not a ton of surprises and situations and whatever but it’s just a pleasant night in the movies so if you got a chance to watch this film Geeta-Govinda M-I know what you thought in the comments below is a movie like your favourite Vijay Devorah.

I think I have to say ready for Arjuna since I’ve only seen three I’m eager to see something else I need to go back to my bath list so I know that maybe other than true blue some people who I know I need to see if I can only get it.


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