Govinda Neelam Ugly Love Story: Neelam Sang Govinda played ‘Dirty Game of Love’, regrets yun chhakka pain

Govinda Neelam Ugly Love Story: Neelam Sang Govinda played ‘Dirty Game of Love’, regrets yun chhaka pain – govinda neelam kothari ugly love story when the former revealed he played dirty with actress and could not marry her super dancer chapter 4

Govinda (Govinda) and Neelam Kothari (Neelam Kothari) recently shot for the ‘Super Dancer Chapter 4’ reality show, the promo of which has been released. Govinda and Neelam Kothari danced amazingly (Govinda Neelam Kothari dance) to their hit song ‘Aapke Aa Jaane Se’ on the show and once refreshed all the nostalgia that was linked to their relationship.

First Sight Love on the Sets of ‘Iljam’

That was in 1986. Govinda was struggling to get an entry in films at that time, while Neelam Kothari had a film by then. The two were signed together for the film ‘Iljam’ in 1986. It was the same film on the sets of which Govinda first saw Neelam Kothari and remained watching. Govinda was obsessed with neelam’s beauty. Govinda was so dead on Neelam that he watched his ‘Jawani’ film many times. Just so that you can see your love again and again. (Photo: Instagram@movie_time122)

Big background gap

Govinda fell in love with Neelam. Love at first sight and that too unilaterally. One-sided because Neelam did not know anything about it. Govinda was dreaming of marrying Neelam Kothari, but he also knew that there was a huge gap between him and Neelam in the upbringing and background. But what to be afraid of when you love. Over time, Neelam also realized that she too had started loving Govinda and then accepted each other, putting aside the difference from her status to the background. The two became friends and spent a lot of time together. From watching movies to dinner, Govinda and Neelam’s meetings continued to grow. Govinda’s love and attraction for Neelam also increased with every meeting. (Photo: Instagram@govinda_album)

Love grows in every meeting

In an interview to Stardust, Govinda had said that the more times he met Neelam, the more he fell in love. Govinda said, ‘Neelam was a girl who would hurt anyone. And my heart had come to them. Despite having so much stardom and fame, Neelam was very ordinary. I didn’t get tired of praising him. I loved everything they did, every payment. ‘ (Photo: Instagram@movie_time122)

Govinda wanted to get married

Now Govinda started dreaming of marrying Neelam. She found herperfect, but she was badly caught between commitment and love, which cost her dearly. Govinda had told Stardust about this, ‘Yes I wanted to marry Neelam and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Nothing is wrong if you love someone and he accepts your love. He’s natural and not on your bus. ‘

‘But your duty and commitment also matter to you. Neelam was a perfect girl anyone would like to marry. I also wanted a girl like Neelam. But practically Speaking, I can’t ignore the commitment just for the sake of my love. I made a commitment to Sunita. If you don’t understand duty and commitment, then it will go on. ‘ (Photo: Instagram@entertainmentsay)

Commitment fell heavily

Tell us that Sunita is govinda’s maternal uncle’s sister-in-law whom the actor later married. Govinda did not want to marry Sunita but did he know that he would have to bow down due to circumstances. You have to sacrifice your love. Govinda could not perform romanticscenes in films. The girl was afraid to hold her in her arms. Govinda then decided to have an affair with a girl on the suggestion of elder brother Kirti. It was then that Govinda met Sunita. Did you know then that that ‘nama ka affair’ would become a real affair? Govinda had also revealed this in the same interview. (Photo: Insragram@movie_time122)

Sunita would have married Neelam if she didn’t call

By the time Govinda realized it was too late. He had done his harm. Govinda had reached the place where it was impossible to return after making a commitment with Sunita. However, i still had love for Neelam and a desire not to marry her. It was in this affair that Govinda broke up with Sunita till his engagement. In fact, once during the fight, Sunita told Govinda something about Neelam that angered him and broke off the engagement. Referring to this, Govinda had said that Sunita had called him five days after the fight. If Sunita had not called then, he might have married Neelam. (Photo: Instagram@movie_time122)

Sacrifice of love given to mother

Govinda’s life was on the other, in the process of making a commitment. On the one hand, he had love for Sunita and on the other hand, a commitment to Sunita. Not only Govinda but his father also wanted his son to marry Neelam, but the mother reminded him of his promise to Sunita and promised her that he should marry Sunita.

In an interview to Stardust, Govinda had said, ‘Dad loved Neelam. She used to come to see Dad. Once I brought Neelam and her mother home to introduce them to Dad. Dad was very happy and wanted me to marry Neelam. But mother believed that I had promised Sunita so i should marry her. Govinda sacrificed love for his mother and decided to marry Sunita. (Photo: Instagram@govinda_album)

‘Even if you get married, you don’t get married’

Govinda and Neelam, however, seemed to feel that the two were not meant for each other. According to Govinda, she used to laugh whenever she talked about marrying Neelam. She wanted to be the number one heroine in the industry. She wanted an intelligent, good-earning and good looking husband. While Neelam lived a very hi-fi life, Govinda was very rustic. Govinda had said that even if he and Neelam had got married, they would not have been able to get married. (Photo: Instagram@movie_time122)

Sunita gets married by hiding from Neelam

Well, Govinda sacrificed his love and married Sunita at a temple on March 11, 1987. They kept their marriage under wraps for a year. Govinda had not even told Neelam about it, which he has been fond of till date. Govinda had said, ‘Neelam came to know about my marriage a year later. I didn’t say because I didn’t want to break our onscreen pair which was such a hit. I spoiled my personal relationship with Neelam for professional reasons. I played dirty games with him. I would have told him that If I was married, it would have been right. ‘ (Photo: Instagram@movie_time122)

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