Green tea benefits the most on drinking at this time | green tea price 1kg

Green tea benefits the most on drinking at this time | green tea price 1kg If you are suffering from weight gain and want to reduce it. We are telling you about the benefits of drinking green tea besides weight loss. At the same time, they are explaining the time at which it benefits more from consuming green tea.

New Delhi: There are a lot of memes on tea enthusiasts. If you are also fond of tea, there is no right time for a cup of tea. Drink tea when you feel like it, but if you want to drink tea for your health, it definitely has the right time and way. Drinking green tea at the right time will not only help you lose weight but is also very effective for good sleep. Know what is the right time to drink green tea for the maximum benefit?



Does drinking green tea really benefit?
Before you drink green tea, know what green tea is. It is a kind of plant. Green tea is made from Camellia Sinensis. This plant contains antioxidants, caffeine and amino acids. It also contains vitamins, minerals and fiber. If you are one of those who think that drinking green tea is not beneficial, you must have come to know about the nutrients present in it that drinking a cup of tea from a routine can really change you.



Green tea contains the most essential antioxidant EGCg. It is found in large quantities only in green tea. It contains antitherapeutic, antibacterial, antigenic, antioxidants, antiviral, neuroprotective and cholesterol lowering elements. According to experts, green tea has an effect on a cap of tea after drinking for a long time.

What you are drinking green tea for depends a lot on what time you should drink green tea?

For Weight Loss



According to Dr Seema Singh, Head of Department and Nutritionist, Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj, green tea is a natural antioxidant. This flushes out all the waste in your body, that is, toxins. It can also help in weight loss. Although it can be consumed at different times throughout the day, green tea works well at a certain time for weight loss. A cup of green tea 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner can be effective in weight loss.

The right time for glowing skin


Green tea gives the skin the necessary hydration in case of skin. It also helps in getting rid of fine lines, dark circles and acne. Green tea intake is good for clear and glowing skin. According to studies, green tea can be useful both outside and inside in this case. Steam on the face with green-tea leaves to use it better. Do it once a week.

To increase metabolism


Metabolism means you can consume green tea to strengthen your digestive system. It can be taken 30 minutes or 60 minutes after meals. To make the most of this, consume 3 to 5 cups of green tea a day, according to studies. It also depends on how much EGCg you are drinking in the green tea you are drinking.


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