HEALTH NEWS: Why is curd sugar-fed on the way out of the house? If you know, you will also eat every day.

HEALTH NEWS: Why is curd sugar-fed on the way out of the house? If you know, you will also eat every day.
The reason why curd and sugar are fed when you leave the house is because it is very beneficial to eat curd on an empty stomach in the morning…

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New Delhi: Going out of the house for any good deed, eating yoghurt and sugar is considered good by the elders. This has been happening for many years, but do you know why yogurt is found when you leave home?

In fact, the reason you eat yogurt and sugar when you go out is that eating yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial. It has many physical and mental benefits. The drug is called a health expert superfood because it has many properties that are beneficial to our body.

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What is found in yogurt?

Yogurt contains important nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-2, Magnesium and Potassium. If yogurt is eaten with sugar, it gives many benefits to the body.

The benefits of yogurt sugar

Eating yoghurt strengthens our digestive system.
Eating yogurt every day does not cause stomach problems.
Eating yogurt sugar in summer is very good for health.
Consumption of yoghurt and sugar while going out of the house provides good amount of glucose to the body, which provides immediate relief.
The good bacteria found in yogurt are good for the stomach. It strengthens the digestive system and these bacteria are also beneficial for our intestines.
Yogurt grows good bacteria in the body, which boosts our immune system.
Eating yogurt sugar does not cause problems like cystitis and UTI.
Yogurt keeps the bladder cool. Due to which there is no problem of rot in the toilet.
People who drink less water should definitely eat yogurt.
When do you want to eat yogurt and sugar?
Eating yogurt and sugar for breakfast keeps the stomach cool. This reduces stomach irritation and acidity. In Ayurveda, curd sugar is considered to be beneficial for the stomach. Due to which the bile duct is reduced. Eating yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning keeps you refreshed throughout the day. After eating, yogurt and sugar are given in Ayurveda for eating.

That’s why yogurt and sugar are served when you go out
Eating yogurt sugar in the morning gives our body glucose immediately. So, when you go out of the house, yogurt and sugar are fed so that you stay active throughout the day with glucose. The glucose in yogurt sugar immediately fills your brain and body with pleasure. So, if you come out in the morning after eating sweet yoghurt, it will be fun all day long.

Take care of these things

There are some things that need special care when eating yogurt and sugar.
For example, yogurt and sugar should be avoided at night.
People who have colds and coughs should not eat yogurt with sugar.
If you have a sugar problem, you should not eat yogurt with sugar.
Even if you are thinking of losing weight, you should not eat sweet yoghurt as it contains a lot of calories. Which makes you fat.

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