How To Delete Phonepe Account

How To Delete Phonepe Account (How to delete phone account in 2021): Hello friends, in this digital age, we all transfer money online and ask for our account. For this, we resort to NEFT, RTGS, UPI etc.

Nowadays, UPI is the most widely used form of money transfer on the Internet. For this, we use a variety of apps like Bhim UPI, Phone Pay, Google Pay etc. You should all use one of these phones.

Sometimes we have to delete them to protect our account. Today we are going to tell you how to delete an account on phone (how to delete phone account in 2020).

How To Delete Phonepe Account
How To Delete Phonepe Account

how to delete phonepe account permanently Friends, before deleting your PhonePay account, you need to delete your bank account or card that is associated with your PhonePay account. Also, pay all the money in your phone at the bank and if you have bought gold on the phone, sell it too. Only then can you permanently delete your Phonpee account. So friends, let’s delete our bank account from the phone first.

How to delete a bank account from Phone P app. How to delete bank account from phone?
All you have to do is open the PhonePay app in your phone and log in to the account from which you have the PhonePay account to delete the bank account. Then follow these steps.

First of all, you see the five options under Home, Store Switch, My Money and History in the Phone Pay app.
You know the My Money option. In which you will see bank account, debit card, credit card all three in the payment methods at the third number below. In it, you can delete any card or bank account added here.
To delete a bank account from PhonePay (Delete a bank account from the PhonePay app), you click on the bank account option. In it your account is linked to PhonePay, you will see a delete icon in front of your account number, by clicking on it, you can delete your bank account from PhoneP. You can see it in the photo above.
Similarly, if your debit card or credit card is linked to FonPy, you can also remove it. After which you will have to complete the process of permanently deleting the Fonpi account.
How to permanently delete Fonpi account in Hindi. How to delete a permanent account on the phone
Guys, you have to follow a few steps to permanently delete a Fonpi account, you can delete the account on your phone by completing some step-by-step process.

Open the app on the phone –

For this, first you have to go to your mobile and open your account on your phone. If your account is not logged in, log in first.

Click on the help option –

After this, the first home page of your account is left open on your phone, you will see a help option with a question mark in the upper right, you have to click on this option.

Open My Account and KYC Options –

After clicking, various options appear in front of you in the help, among which you have to click on the option with My Account and KYC, you will find this option in No. 2 in the second topic.

How to delete an account startup process
Go to account issues –

After that, you also see a lot of options in which you have to go to the section related to account related issues. Where you will see 3 sections in which the second option will be Delete My PhonePy Account.

Also in it, you will see 2 different options, you click in it How do I delete my Phonpey account in it.

Here you will be told that you can delete your PhonePay account (you can delete PhonePay account permanently) by following these conditions. In it, you have to click on the article below to close your PhonePay wallet.

When you click on it, a small article will open in front of you under which a button will appear in front of the close wallet. You click this button.

Click on Confirm and Close Wallet

After clicking, you will be asked the reason why you are closing Fonpi Wallet, in which you select any area and click on the confirm and disable blue button below. After that, your phone will be locked on the wallet.

How to process a PhonePan account permanently

What sort of phone payments are on the line: Today’s bill payments and recharges are a lot of vaults. One of which is – PhonePay. We have to use the vault which has the best service. If you ever have a Phoenician account and need to confirm something, read this post in its entirety. Can we explain how PhonePay accounts delete curry? Note – Uninstall the app from your mobile phone to your phone Consider your phone payment. The correct and compliant way to delete this marriage inspired in this post. So let’s get started.

Most people do not need to uninstall their phone when they uninstall it. But it is not at all. Never delete the Phonep application from your mobile, never give your account from Phonpe server.

So now you will have such a focus in your mind that the payment of the last phone call is being completed in full? How do I delete your PhonePap account completely? So let us explain.

Phonepe Account Delete Kaise Kare Permanently


To delete your PhonePay account, you need to follow three steps. It’s very easy. So let us tell you step by step.

Use the money or transfer it to your bank account if you have money in Step-1 Phonpi Wallet
Dude, before you delete your Fonpi account, check out the amount in your wallet. If he can lose money by recharging, recharge all the money. If you have more money, transfer it to your bank account.

We mean, before deleting a Fonpi account, check that there is no money in your wallet. That is, in the wallet before deleting the account, Rs. Must be 0.

Step-2 Unlink or delete the bank account with Fonpi
Before deleting a PhonePay account, the link in it is to link all your bank accounts. We have given full details about this step by step in the first post. Read how to link a bank account from Phone Pay.

Note Only after connecting the bank account from Phone PhonePay follow the next step i.e. the third step. If you have any difficulty in adding the link, feel free to ask us in the comment box.

Step-3 Delete your PhonePay account
Only follow this step after completing the first and second steps. That is, in your phone wallet, Rs. Delete your account only when all bank accounts are linked to 0 and FonPi. So, let us now show you how to delete a PhonePay account.

Step-1 For this, first open the Phonep app. The question mark symbol will be found on the top right. Select it as shown in the screenshot below –

How to delete a phone account
Step-2 After this, there will be an option of Fonpi account under other topics. Select it –

How to delete a phone account
Step-3 Now the next step is to select the issues associated with the account. Like the screenshot below –

How to delete a phone account
Step-4 After this, the option to delete an account will be available first. Select it –

How to delete a phone account
Step-5 Now you will see the Contact US option at the bottom. This is the choice. As you can see in the screenshot below –

How to delete a phone account
Step-6 You will then be prompted to delete your PhonePay account. There will be four different options. Choose the right reason you feel. Like the screenshot below –

How to delete a phone account
Step-7: As soon as you select the reason for deleting the PhonePay account, you will get a ticket ID. You can either note it or check the status with the View ticket –

How to delete a phone account
After that, the process of deleting your PhonePay account will begin. After 2 to 3 days your PhonePay account will be deleted. In the meantime, you can also get calls from Fonpi, why do you want to delete your account?

Now you know what to answer. So this way we can delete our PhonePay account completely. After deleting the account, you can also delete the Fonpi app from your mobile.

Summary – This post tells you how to delete a FonPi account. What is the correct way to delete. However, if you are having any difficulty with this or have any questions in your mind, you can ask in the comment box below. You will be reprinted very soon.

Conclusion –
In today’s article, we have shown you how to delete a permanent account on phone (how to delete a phone account in Hindi). You can easily delete your phone account by reading this article and following the steps. In addition, we tell you how you can delete your account and debit or credit card from a phone payment account. If you are not able to delete your account easily, you are facing a problem, you can ask us in the comments.

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