एटीएस (ATS) क्या है | What is ATS

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एटीएस (ATS) क्या है | What is ATS The problem of terrorism is not of any one country but Global. at present, today terrorism has strengthened its roots in many countries. the government of India has formed ATS with the aim of eliminating terrorist activities from the root. although in the past terrorism was spread in few areas, at present it is increasing at a very rapid pace.

एटीएस (ATS) क्या है | What is ATS
एटीएस (ATS) क्या है | What is ATS

What is ATS, ATS Full Form, ATS Officer Kaise Bane and Salary are duly giving you complete information here.

The full form of ATS (ATS) is Anti-Terrorism Squad and in Hindi it is called Anti-Terrorism Squad.
ATS Full Form In English Anti-Terrorism Squad
ATS full farm in Hindi Anti Terrorism Squad


What does ATS mean?
ATS was established in the year 1990 by Aftab Ahmed Khan, Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police. Prior to 1990, Mumbai was considered a stronghold of crime and illegal activities, due to which anti-terrorism squad was established to eliminate illegal and illegal activities in the state.

The ATS team has played an important role in preventing terrorist attacks in the country. its main function is to obtain information about anti-national elements in any part of the country as well as to share information with Central Information agencies such as IB, RAW and coordinate them. at present, terrorism has become a major problem at the international level, which has directly and indirectly affected almost all countries. ATS has been constituted by the government of India with the aim of eradicating terrorism from the root.

Functions and Roles of ATS
In terms of security, the main function of ATS is to identify sensitive places and persons who are used by anti-national elements to hide/stay.
Catch any kind of suspicious people and get information from them and coordinate with state units and central agencies etc.
Take appropriate action by obtaining information related to the presence of any terrorist group in the country and identify the people who shelter them and take legal action against them.
To fully monitor the activities of organised terrorist elements in contact with foreign intelligence agencies.
Take legal action against agents and mafias involved in various acts or crimes in the country such as smuggling of explosive substances, smuggling of counterfeit currency, persons involved in arms trafficking.
The main function of ATS is to maintain constant contact with the Information Department of the state as well as monitor the information received.

How to Join ATS
Every year, applications are sought by the government from police and PAC personnel to join the ATS.
It is constantly prepared by the jawans to join in.
This whole process is completely secret, young people who want to become ATS commandos have to get permission from their company commander in writing.
This list includes complete information about their strengths and efficiency.
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Information about ATS exam
To join ATS, it is necessary to achieve success in 3 types of examinations, which are as follows-

In this, physical Capacity, mental ability, technical and general knowledge are tested.
Young men who have succeeded in these exams are sent to ATS Training Centers for early training.
This training is given to the jawans joining ATS in various centres across the country |
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ATS officer salary
The officer rank officer in ATS receives a salary of about Rs 110000 (one lakh ten thousand) to Rs 135000 (one lakh pestis thousand) per month, while the jawans who join it range from Rs 78000 to Rs 96000.

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