How to Become A DIOS | DIOS Kese Bane

How to Become A DIOS | DIOS Kese Bane  Strong emphasis is placed on education in rural and urban areas of the country with the aim of equal access of all to education. However, to conduct the education system smoothly, it is very important to be its inspector. If there is no Inspector, there will be a lot of negligence in education. That is why having an inspector has been considered very important to prevent negligence in education.

How to Become A DIOS |  DIOS  Kese Bane
How to Become A DIOS | DIOS Kese Bane

Therefore, the post of District School Inspector (DIOS) has been created. The person who occupies this position suddenly inspects all the school that exists in his district, so that the school works can be completed on time. In this article, we will give you information about the post of District School Inspector i.e. DIOS.


What is Dios?

There is a post of District Inspector of schools in every district of all the states of the country. This post under the Department of education is considered highly respected. Any person who gets a job on this post keeps inspecting the school in his field from time to time, at the same time the headmaster, teacher of the school is also checked by the person posted in this post, as well as Junior High School and Primary School.


If any kind of disturbance is found during the checking, then immediately the necessary guidelines are given by the district school inspector to rectify that disturbance, and if the district school inspector wishes, he can take action against the person who caused the disturbance.

Full form of DIOS
The abbreviation of DIOS is “District Inspector of School”. Which is called “District School inspector” in Hindi. Their main task is to check all the schools that exist in their area. And if any disturbance of any kind is found or any deficiency is found in any school during the checking, the district school inspector also gives the necessary instruction to the management of the school to overcome that disturbance or to overcome that deficiency.

Along with this, the district school inspector when the exam is held in the school, also asks the management of the school to complete all kinds of arrangements related to the exam, and he closely analyzes the arrangements made by the school between the exams.

How did Dios become?

To get this post one has to advance their steps in a methodical order. Mainly, the person wishing to receive this post has to attend the exam conducted by the state Public Service Commission. This post is counted in PCs level. That is why this type of post is obtained after passing the PCS exam. Below we are giving you information about the process of becoming DIOS step by step.

Pass Class X
To become a district school inspector, you have to start your preparation from the tenth class. For this, you have to complete your studies in the tenth class carefully and carefully and with good marks, you have to pass the 10th board exam.

Pass 12th class
After passing the tenth class, you have to pass the 11th class through a stream and take admission in the 12th class. It is not necessary that you take a specific stream in Class 12. You can take any stream of Arts, Commerce or science in Class 12 and complete your studies. Thus, pass the 12th class exam with a good percentage with any faculty.

Complete graduation
After passing the 12th class, you can get admission in any graduation level degree according to your desire. However, remember that to get admission in some graduations, you may have to take an entrance exam. Thus, after giving the entrance exam or without giving the entrance exam, you have to study the graduation degree and complete your graduation degree.

Apply for the job
After completing the graduation degree, you have to wait for the state Public Service Commission to remove the vacancy of the post of District School Inspector. When the post of district school inspector is removed by the state Public Service Commission, then you have to apply according to the time and after that you have to appear in the exam on the prescribed date. And while completing all the process, you have to complete all the stages of the exam. Thus successful candidates get the post of Dios.

Qualification for the post of Dios
To become a Dios, the following qualifications must be within the candidate.

Candidates who wish to get this post must be between 21 years and 40 years of age. Those who fall into the reservation category will also receive relaxation in the age limit. However, they will receive an exemption only if they have a certificate of reservation.
The selection of Dios is based on the PCS exam. Thus, to appear in this exam, candidates are required to take a graduation degree in any course from any Certified Institute in India.
The physical and mental state of a person wishing to achieve this position must be absolutely fine, also he should not have color blindness.
What is Section education officer (BEO)?

Dios Selection Process

Any candidate who wants to get the Dios has to appear and pass the PCS exam conducted by the state Public Service Commission. The PCS exam total is completed in 3 steps, which is as follows.

Pre exam
Main exam
The candidate first has to appear in the preliminary exam and after passing the preliminary exam, he has to appear in the main exam. When he successfully clears the main exam, he is called for an interview round where he is asked some questions. All those questions have to be answered accurately by the candidate. This light gets the selection of successful candidates to the post of Dios.

Dios Preparation Books [List]
Below are the names of some important books that will help you become a Dios.

• NPSC DEO (District Educational Officer) Preliminary Exam General Studies Book.

• Objective Arithmetic by S.L. Gulati• Indian Economy & Performance and Policies By Uma Kapila.

• India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra.

• Non-Verbal Reasoning by Prabhat Javed.

• India Since Independence by Bipin Chandra.

DIOS Salary / pay Scale with permits & Perks
Talk about the month’s paycheck of the district school inspector, then their month’s paycheck increases after the Pay Commission is implemented. At present, a person posted in the post of District School Inspector receives a salary of around ₹45000 to around ₹52000 in a month. When they retire after the completion of age, they receive a pension, as well as many other facilities.

What is the full form of DIOS?

District Inspector of School

What does the District Inspector of schools say in Hindi?

District School Inspector

How much is DIOS’s salary?


What is the qualification to become a Dios?


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