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Independence Day Fancy Dress Competition Ideas 2022: this time on Independence Day, your children will also have participated in the fancy dress competition in school. Here are some ideas being shared for him, which will come in handy for you.

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Independence Day: popular fancy dress competition ideas for kids

After the British suffered slavery for nearly 200 years, the country got independence on August 15, 1947 and since then, every year on August 15, we celebrate Independence Day i.e. the day of independence. On this day, a lot of preparations are also made in schools and children participate in fancy dress contests. For kids then fancy dress competition is a proud opportunity when they adopt the costume of their favorite revolutionary.


This time too, your children will have taken part in the school’s fancy dress competition. It is another matter that this time the August 15 celebration will always be different due to Corona. But still you should make this day special for your child. If you are confused about what dress to dress the child this time so that he looks the most different, here we are giving you some fancy dress competition ideas.


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Bharat Mata


This time, on the occasion of Independence Day, you can give your daughter a getup of Mother India. For this, you can give your daughter Saffron or white or orange sari, crown on her head and tricolor in her hands.

Mahatma Gandhi


It takes competition among school children to become like the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Taking Gandhi’s getup is also very easy. For this, wrap a white dhoti on your child. Put a nude shade cover of skin color on the head so that it gives a bald look. Put the Gandhi blinkers on and hold the sticks in your hands. Just on Independence Day your child is ready to be dressed as Gandhi.

Getup of kantikaris



The costumes of the great revolutionaries of the country can also be chosen for your children.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak


Your child will also be covered in this costume of Lokmanya Tilak i.e. Bal Gangadhar Tilak. If you want, you can give this look to your child this time.

Apart from this, some more dress ideas are being shared here, which will come in handy for you:


Independence Day 2022: wear these trendy outfits and look the most different


This time on August 15, the market is available from tricolor sarees to tricolor suits, kurtas and tricolor jewelry. Then why not celebrate Independence this time with tricolor-inspired fashion?


Every time around August 15, a new fashion trend is seen in the market. To capitalize on the special occasion of Independence Day, companies launch tricolor inspired outfits and other things on the market. This time too, if you want to celebrate Independence Day differently but are confused about what to wear and what not to wear, then here we are going to tell you about some of the latest fashionable outfits.

Modern tricolor saree
If you are fond of wearing sarees and want to spread a different shade in sarees even on Independence Day, then this time, Khadi tricolor i.e. sarees have also come to the market. Along with these sarees, tricolor jewelry is also present in the market. If you want, you can order a tricolor saree of your choice. This saree is not only beautiful in appearance, it will also look great on you and will give a cool look.

Tricolor Kurtis

This time you can wear saffron, green and white kurta. Inspired by the tricolor colour, these kurtas are available in cotton to blended fabric. The special thing is that wearing them will not only make you look stylish, but they will also give you a feeling of coolness in the heat. With these Kurts, you can wear tri color earrings, bangles and other accessories.
Also try this sari

Apart from the tricolor saree, you can also try this green and orange color saree. This saree will add charm to your look. With this saree with orange border and pallu, you can carry an orange color blouse if you want. Otherwise, a stylish blouse in Evergreen black color will also look great.

Photo Credit: getty
Photo Credit: getty

White kurta for boys

White color, by the way, is always these, but on the occasion of Independence Day, you can also wear white color outfits. Especially the boys look very smart in white kurtas.

Anil Kapoor and his son Harsh Vardhan in white kurta (Photo Credit: getty)
Anil Kapoor and his son Harsh Vardhan in white kurta (Photo Credit: getty)

T-shirts of any color will also work

In addition, a simple and plain T-shirt will also work for boys. You can wear this T-shirt either saffron, green or white or whatever color you like.

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