Mammootty is a sit-down and actor: Mohanlal

Then and now, Mammootty is passionate about the film. I’m a man who came to the movies because I had no other fulfillment.



There have been times in history when two individuals of one time led from the front and moved forward: MGR and Compassionate in politics; Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth in the film; For reprint print: Times Syndication Service So many geniuses… In Malayalam cinema, it is Mammootty and Mohanlal.

The two of them raised Malayalam cinema to another expanse, which was given rainbow colours. More than 40 past
Mohanlal talks about Mammootty, who has been with him for years, on his 70th birthday and about that time.


Born in 1951, He was recorded as the first film, in 1971, at the age of 20, k.s. Directed by Sethumadhavan, ‘Dreams to Sell’. Born in 1960, Mohanlal’s first film was recorded in 1978 as ‘Preview’ created at the age of 18. There’s a gap of seven years between you. During these seven years, four films by the actor Mammootty (dreams to sell, experiences flaws, kalachakram and mela) were released. Did you see any of these?



I’ve seen dreams to sell and ‘fairs’. There were many other big actors then. The name Mammootty had not come to my attention. And I never dreamed of becoming a film actor. Later, when he was acting in ‘Preview’, he remembered that mammootty’s name came somewhere between ravikumar and sattar, that’s all

Your first film together was ‘Ahimsa’ by Homelakshmi Productions in 1981. Mammootty also won the State Award for Best Actor.


We saw it that day and became very friendly. Srinivasan was there that day. We were staying at the Maharani Hotel in Kozhikode. It was a special kind of life. Neither of us knew anything about the film. There were a lot of actors and artists higher than us. Mammootty and I shared the joy of seeing them together. In our spare time, we made small skits in the room and made them go. He looked like an elder brother. He was like that to me. Fortunately, we are both able to keep it that way.


Then and now, Mammootty is passionate about the film. I’m a man who came to the movies because i had no other fulfillment. I didn’t have a fire called actor. Then, after ‘flowers blooming in the snow’, I got a little fond of this profession. Then came a lot of movies. We’ve done a lot of movies together. I became a villain in many of Mammootty’s films; I took a lot of his beating. But it was a time of good transformation. In many films written by M.T. Vasudevan Nair, I was able to play important characters, even though Mammootty was the main character.

As an actor on the other side of the same scene, how do you look at the way you act? Evaluated.


I see it as a continuation of discipline in life and acting. I’m not that kind of person or actor. You can see it in my character and acting. Mammootty is a sit-down person and actor.

You both travelled almost the same speed, but in different rhythms, at the same time in the graph of growth. You shared the conflicts of your time together. Has any kind of positive competitiveness helped your growth?


I can’t do anything at any time to calculate and step in. I can’t do that. The truth is that we both had the opportunity to play a lot of good characters. M.T. and Joshi all acted in strong films while Mammootty acted in films by Shashi Kumar, Padmarajan and Thampi Kannanthanam. It was a time when there were immense differences in terms of films and characters. While acting in Aravindan and Adoor’s films, Mammootty can act in Shashi Kumar’s film. While acting in Padmarajan’s film, I can also act in Sathyan Antikad’s film. I don’t think the current actors have such an extensive choice. Like this Our success is that we were able to act. In the meantime, there was no time to look up and down, to blame, or to be offended. Mammootty had his own network of sinamas. I have mine. I haven’t felt like I could have done this yet, and so did Mammootty. In the meantime, we made a lot of films in casino production together. Nomadkat, Gandhinagar Second Street, Sugarcane Flower… So many movies.

In the film No.20 Madras Mail, the combination scenes between Mammootty and Mohanlal are still enjoyed by The Malayalam community irrespective of generation. Your ‘stirred’ and ‘swaying’ will be fixed.

You saw the love, experience, friendship and intimacy between us in the scene. Without it, you can’t act like that. And i’ll do it to Mammootty, even if it’s not a lot of what you saw in the scene. There’s only one camera and start camera action. Like me, I still have the freedom to hug and kiss him – in the film and otherwise.

At least figuratively, you’ve been together for a long time. What are the qualities and qualities of life that you have observed in Mammootty…


You’re absolutely right when you said you’re together. That’s the way it was. He has everything I don’t have, if it’s about the virtues of life. The body will take a good look. There’s a good order on food. Then, he has always preserved his own style in everything. Dress, car and phone all have a matrimony style. The important thing is that they all fit him well. I want it with you. If you get in a car or get out of the car, it should fit you. It’s for Mammootty. I don’t have any of this.

I still believe in the characteristics of you and you by comparing them like a mit. You’re humble, you’re all-inclusive. Mammootty is an outspoken character… You are an admonition. Mammootty is the best homemaker… Are these all common sense sat with the characters you played?

It is through the characters that the world analyzes an actor. A large number of the characters I did were full of pranks and pranks. The shadows of all of them must have fallen on our lives. When we do a job regularly, there is a possibility that we too will have reflections of it. I’m very funny. Mammootty was the same, but only in a different way. Mammootty is the one who makes it clear that he is a karkashya. It’s an acquaintance of his. That’s the way it should be. If you don’t, everyone will come and graze. I don’t know that, so a lot of people are free to climb on top of me.

It was the ‘hunt’ for good films made by both of you, knowingly or unconsciously, that brought Malayalam cinema to another level. What is the most important thing that the new generation can absorb from your career


It is the films and characters that make an actor.Hariharan, M.T., I.V. Mammootty was able to act in films by Shashi, Padmarajan, Sibi Malai, Lohitadas (what’s the film by taniyavartana!), Adoor, Aravindan and Bharathan. I acted in films by some of them. That’s our luck. Today the film has changed, the situation has changed, the style has changed and Malayalam cinema has become confined to Kerala… The whole world is seeing it now. But the characters and the story have more to grow. New actors should get strong characters. Only then will there be a new Mammootty and Mohanlal.

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