Speaking about the association with Mr. X, producer Dinesh vision said that since we thought about the wolf, we knew we would need Mr. X for its grand scale. At the same time, director Amar Kaushik said – the wolf story will feature a series of stunning scenes. Everyone involved in the film knew that we were making something special. Its VFX is such, which may not have been seen before. The Wolf was shot in Arunachal Pradesh during the pandemic.










Woman, Ruhi after Wolf

Wolf is part of Dinesh vision’s Maddock Films ‘ horror-thriller-comedy universe, which started with the Amar Kaushik-directed hit film Stree. The second film in this episode was Rohi, where Rajkumar Rao and Jahnvi Kapoor played the lead roles. The story of the Wolf is scripted by Niren Bhatt. Wolf, a shared offering from geo studios and Maddock Films, was first scheduled for release on April 14, 2022.