Watching this video, Ekta Kapoor blown away, says, “Sleeping alone will be afraid

Ekta kapoor terrified after watching haunted and horror video of ghost | Watching this video, Ekta Kapoor blown away, says, “Sleeping alone will be afraid

New Delhi: Producer Ekta Kapoor is very active on social media. Unity is known for its shows of suspense and magical powers. Ekta has now seen a video that put her to sleep. This is not a scene from a TV serial but a video that is going viral on social media. Not only Ekta Kapoor, this video is also putting a lot of people to sleep. Ekta has shared this video on its social media handle.

Unity felt fear

Sharing the video, Ekta Kapoor wrote, “This video is very scary for people who sleep alone. This video is from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. These videos are very popular now. In the video, a strange object is seen moving on the road. The video is being widely shared on social media. Watch this video. People are sweating after watching this 30 second video.

The video is going viral

Talking about the video, it relates to the Katkamsandi-Chatra road in Hazaribagh district, where the strange object was captured on camera. People are shocked to see this video. People are asking on social media what is this? Some are calling it demons and some aliens. However, no information has come to light about what it is.

Such things are seen in the show of unity

By the way, such things are seen in many daily soaps of producer Ekta Kapoor. ‘Nagin’ and ‘Dan’ are his two most popular shows. Let us know, Ekta’s show ‘Nagin’ season 6 is coming. Earlier, it was reported that Rubina Dilak was being approached for the show, but according to an update, Ni Fatani has been signed.




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